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I'm honored to have worked with great people over the years. Some of them have written a few words (below) about our travels together. What a compliment! Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.

"We went through two realtors before finding Steve on a recommendation from a friend- I should've just went with her recommendation before and saved myself the headache and time!! We were renting in Portland and didn't know if we wanted to stay or move across the river. But, we wanted to find something soon as we were expecting our first child 6 months later- no time to waste. Luckily, Steve is licensed in both Or and Wa! I had a list of places I wanted to look at and he carted us all over to view them all. Then after kindly showing us all of the houses I had on my list, which weren't that great and I had put in a TON of time to find them, he said he had one to show us. He was the only one we worked with who went out of his way to find us a house he thought would be a good fit for us. Well, we bought it!!! And we love it and he walked us through everything and made everything super simple! Would highly recommend him! We've been in our home for a year and it's perfect for our little family!"

 - J.K. and A.K., Vancouver, WA


 "Steve listed my grandmother-in-laws home next to Portland's Reed College two years ago.  I know a lot of realtors, but given my sweet grandmother-in-laws age, fragile state of mind since her husband of 60 years' passing a few years ago, and her well-meaning but headstrong ways, I felt Steve would be the perfect match for her.

He not only met but exceeded my expectations.  Not only did he get the right price for my grandmother-in-law's house, but he also was extremely patient with her despite at times, she being very difficult and stubborn.  Steve never lost his cool but also never wavered from his recommendations that ultimately were in my grandmother-in-law's best interests.  Both I, my grandmother-in-law, and my father-in-law (a great guy but not one to be vocal with compliments) were impressed with Steve's performance.

Since then, I have referred others to Steve, and I have learned that Steve's professionalism and effectiveness in getting the job done are the rule, not the exception. Steve Kieran is a top notch realtor for both the Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA area. He is one of a kind and I highly recommend him."

 - P.T., Portland, OR


"If you are looking for a knowlegeble, experienced, honest real estate agent with a great personality, then you have found him. He was the best REALTOR anyone could ask for. Steve helped us through a very complicated transition. We were really pleased with the service we have received over few months working with him. He was patient, professional, and easy to work with. Steve was always with in reach if we had any questions or concerns. We couldn't have gotten a better agent and we will highly recommend him to others.

Overall everything went great. Used his services for both selling and buying and were really satisfied with the outcome. Definitely will highly recommend him to others."

- L.P. & I.P., Vancouver, WA


"This was actually our second experience with Steve. He was our buyer agent when we bought the house, so when I got a job in the Bay Area he was the only agent we contacted to sell. I've worked with several agents both buying and selling homes, and Steve is by FAR the easiest and most professional agent I've ever worked with. He answered all our questions in a timely manner, arrived at all appointments on time (or early), and once we had our house on the market he kept us informed on the progress since we were not in town to see how things were going. In the end we got multiple offers above asking over only two days, and I credit all of that to Steve's hard work and skills as a realtor.

My only regret is that I can't use Steve in my new area... although he did provide us with a referral that we are happy with."

- C.P. & T.P., Beaverton, OR


 * Steve listed my property
 * Kept us informed of every visit
 * Gave sound advice
 * Reacted quickly when something was needed
 * Steve sold my property
 * Steve followed up on each and every detail and was very punctual!

"I will use him in the future for all real estate situations.  He will save you time and money!  He is a get-r-done type of guy!  He takes the time to listen and lists in detail the property and takes really nice pictures for the best results when listing.  He pays close attention to details when it comes to offers and concerns.  He spends the time with all of his properties when listing them and goes above and beyond to make sure the listing is accurate and represented in its best way poosible.
I met Steve through Scouts and learned he was very knowledgable in real estate.  He was very open and educated to allot of different experiences.  I did not use his services right away but whe it came time I called him and first asked him for advice and ideas about sellling my home at the time.  I tried for about 2 months and got no where fast.  I had him listed and with in three months he brought me a buyer.  We had a few ruff areas with the transistion of moving and etc.  However Steve was on top of everything and kept it all sailing smoothly.  He continues his steady support of my future dream of owning land and a nursery one day.  I know when its time he will again be a huge asset for our future property.  Thank you Steve!"

- M.K., Camas and Washougal, WA


"Steve Kieran walked us through a short sale of our home. He made the process very easy, took the lead on all communications and completed the short sale with little work on our end.  Steve worked with our bank and relieved us of all the hassle. I have since recommended him to multiple friends of our family."

- A.W. & K.W., Vancouver, WA

"Steve acted as a buyer's agent for me to purchase a single-family home that my daughter is now living in and leasing from me. He worked for approximately a six-month period to keep an eye on the local real estate market, looking for homes that would meet our needs and buying criteria and alerting us when a good prospect came on the market. He took us to see & inspect several of these houses.  When we finally found the right property, Steve helped us arrange all details of the sale including connecting us with a mortgage broker for financing.

I cannot recommend Steve Kieran highly enough. He worked patiently and with dedication to help us find the right property that would meet our needs, which took many months of searching. Once we found it, Steve helped us overcome several obstacles that threatened to scuttle the deal; working miracles would not be overstating how he helped us navigate the details of this purchase. His advice on things like getting a professional home inspection to reduce our risk, to making sure we prepared for appraisal by the lender, etc. were keys to successful completion of this home purchase, including helping us to secure the best possible financing terms from a lender he had worked with in the past.  If you need a real estate agent who will go the extra mile to make sure you are taken care of, Steve is one of the best. I have not sold a property with him, but have no doubt that a seller would get the same level of excellent service."

- K.P., Portland, OR

"Steve helped me buy a house on a short sale. He worked hard to find suitable houses. He helped me evaluate the houses and decide what to offer. He gave me great information on how the sales work and what banks look for. He sent me to a loan officer who prepared a pre-authorization letter within a day.  He watched the property (several other offers were made) and advised me of the status of each offer as they fell apart. He advised me on how to approach the purchase after the prior offers died. He coordinated everything.

I had heard all kinds of nightmare stories about short sales and was very wary. He did an incredible job. He saved me about $30,000. He explained why whatI thought should be offered was too much. By explaining how the process worked and doing a lot of homework he kept me "in the game" for several months saving me money every time an earlier offer failed. I would (and have) highly recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell a home whether a short sale or not. I work with realtors frequently and he is in the top 1%."

- W.R., Ridgefield, WA

"We just closed on our home loan yesterday. Steve Kieran was our real estate broker.

My experience was very good. He was thorough in looking up information about the houses with the county and city and some of the things that other realtors weren't doing for us."

- J.C. & S.C., Vancouver, WA


"Steve Kieran helped us find a house for investment purposes and also to sell the same.

When we wanted to find a house to fix up, Steve let us see ALL available properties and continued to update on ones that became available. Once we found the right house for us, he arranged for a home inspector to check the house, and then took care of all the paperwork to buy the house, it was a no hassle transaction. When we were ready to sell the house, we gave the listing to Steve. He placed in on the Multiple Listing Service and fairly soon a buyer was found. Again, the paperwork went very smoothly."

- R.H. & T.H., Woodland, WA


"Steve worked with me to sell a home.  The house was in poor repair and had several issues that made it a "tough sell". He went the exta mile to find the right buyer.

Steve is professional, hard working and easy to work with. I bought a home several years ago through Steve. The most recent one was a sale. There were a number of issues that made this home hard to sell. Steve went the extra mile to get the sale closed. Thanks Steve!"

- D.M., Camas, WA