Get Your Rebate! I'm a Redfin Partner Broker
Hi, my name is Steve Kieran. I'm a full-time, experienced Realtor in OR + WA with AgencyOne NW. And....I'm the only Redfin Partner-Broker (maybe ever) who personally offers the same Redfin Rebates and Refunds you see advertised!

You read that right! If you qualify for any rebates/refunds under Redfin's rules, I'll refund you the same amount if you're my client. No questions asked.

Why would I do that? Because Redfin includes this line in their emails: "Since Partner Agents aren't employed by Redfin, we can’t offer a Redfin Refund for buyers who work with a Partner Agent."

Why do they say that? I think that if you qualify for their program, you should get the rebate. So I pay it myself. Now you get an experienced agent PLUS every rebate/refund you deserve. (And you won't have to work with distant Redfin employee-agents you'll never meet in person.)

So today, I'll show you the home(s) of your choice. Afterward, we can visit any other house or lot you've found, on any home search app or advertisement. I work with all homes and properties.

Basic Rule #1: I am NOT here to sell you a house. I'm here to open a door. If you want to write an offer for the home, great, let me know and I’ll expertly guide you through the process. In competitive areas, hours or even minutes can be the difference in getting a home! But most showings do not result in an offer.

Basic Rule #2: Tell me if you have an urgent situation (examples: click here). There's much more we can do beyond seeing this house today.


How were we connected with each other?

You used the Redfin app to request a home showing. Redfin checked the home price. If high enough, Redfin sent your request to one of their Redfin Employee/Agents. If the price was below their cutoff, Redfin texted all available Partner-Brokers to see who could help you.


How much do you pay a Buyer's Broker to work with you?

Nothing. A homebuyer never pays a broker fee. No buyer agents, regardless where you find them, charge fees to homebuyers. You can choose any Realtor to work with you for free: from brand-new licensees to long-time experienced Brokers. You can keep meeting random Redfin Partner Brokers, too. Whatever you like.

The difference between random agents and experienced brokers is the level of success you can expect. Savvy buyers choose a broker who goes into homes with them. That broker will spot ways to focus an offer, making it stand out to the sellers. And...the best brokers don't share those tips and secrets. So how do our buyers keep getting homes over those with less-experienced agents?  And for the same money offered? That's the difference. Let new agents learn on the job with someone else. Work with a proven Broker who has lots of experience. It's FREE to you!


How does the Redfin Buyer Rebate work?

Redfin advertises a “Redfin Refund/Rebate” in all emails and on their website. You can read all details there.


What’s the difference between a Redfin Agents and a Redfin Partner-Broker?

Redfin’s agents are employees of Redfin. They work their hours and go home. They have real estate licenses, but they're not paid a commission based on home sales. They're paid the same whether you get a home or not.

I'm a Realtor, a self-employed, independent contractor. I am not an employee of Redfin or any company, and I receive no salary. I have Broker licenses in both WA and OR to provide real estate advise, buying and selling services. I am paid on commission, at close of escrow, only when one of my clients buys (or sells) a home. I get no salary or other income from sales that don’t close escrow. In other words, I do NOT get paid if you fail to get your dream home. That’s why I work so hard for my clients!


What all happens today?

Today I’ll show you the home you asked about. I’ll offer to show you any other homes you’re watching in both Oregon & Washington. If there are circumstances you need to know about any home (house requires large down payment, there’s a private offer deadline, strong smell of cats, etc) I’ll let you know right away.

If you like the home we see and want to write the seller an offer, great. I’ll give you the advice, tips and strategies that will best help you get it. I’ll have the offer written in an hour or less, and will then send to you for e-Signatures. It’s an easy process.  


You don’t care for the house, and you certainly don’t want to write an offer for it. Great! We can rule it out forever. People rarely find the right house right away.


What happens if I don't like the home we see?

We can choose to keep working together or not. If we’re not a good fit, there's no need to continue the relationship. BUT…Redfin asks Partner-Brokers to work with new clients for at least 10 days. You and I can do that or not. I appreciate the time you took to see the house. I hope you appreciate the time I spent showing it to you, and that you text/call/email me when the next one pops up.

Continuing the transparency, here's what I most often see & hear after a first showing:

  • I’ll keep looking on my own, thanks
  • Can you watch for X type of house, at X price, in X neighborhood? etc.
  • Do you have a lender who does loan applications?
  • Let me know if X happens, then I’ll reconsider the house (price drop, roof replaced, etc)

If they were serious, we'd be working around every one of those problems. So I know I'll never hear back, and they won’t apply for a loan. They just wanted to see the house. But Redfin wants me to keep in touch for 10 days? I'll do that. But I don’t have time to chase 'ghosters'. I'll quickly move on if you don't have time to return calls or texts. I get a lot of requests in a day to help people, so I need to make efficient use of my time.


Are there other ways to find a home?

Many people can't wait for an app to deliver the perfect home. They're facing a lease renewal, job relocation, life change or tax-related deadlines, etc, and need to find the right house NOW. Those people turn to experienced Brokers for help. And there's no reason you can't, too.

Here are examples of deeper home searches. You're going off-app now!


Other options: Houses that ARE on search apps:

Cash-Only Properties? There are AT LEAST 2 financing options for most Cash-Only houses. Fewer buyers knowing this = less competition for the house.


Other options: Houses NOT found on search apps:

Pending-Sale ('has offer') homes usually disappear from search apps. But I write backup offers for them all the time. Backup offers work 30-50% of time. Which is 100% more than not trying.

Off-market homes offer a lot of potential (those are canceled & expired listings, withdrawn, etc). Why did seller take it off market? Think they'd still sell? Wanna find out?

Call all the For Sale By Owner phone numbers you can find. Especially those on hand-drawn signs at places not on apps! The seller just isn't tech-friendly. Do you care?

Pocket listings are another source of homes. If you don't know the term, you need to. They're not found on any apps, and they're not in RMLS. So you won't get any shot at one without an experienced Broker working with you.


Other options, Techniques not listed here:

There are many other tips & tools used to help people find homes. We can use all or none of them, your motivation dictates that. How serious is yours?


I’ll show you a house today.

Whether you actually get one is up to you. After today, you can choose to work with an known, experienced Broker, or random agents. Your call.

Best recommendation is....working with an experienced Broker increases the chance you'll find your home. It's a decision that will pay off for years to come.


Best of luck!




FYI: Difference between Agents, Brokers, and Realtors

In many markets, Agents have traditionally been the newer, entry-level licensees. But today, depending on the state, all licensees are known either as agents or brokers. 

Brokers traditionally have more education and have more experience than agents. Brokers have traditionally supervised the work of other agents. They've also created teams that train new agents into different roles (buyer's agent, listing agent, etc) in exchange for 1/2 of the agent's commissions. Depending on the state, these supervising brokers are now known as Principle Broker, Designated Broker, etc.

A Realtor is a broker or agent who's a member of the National Association of Realtors. Realtors have additional educational requirements, plus adhere to a strict Code of Ethics. Insist on working with a Realtor!